100-1000ul Pipettor

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100-1000ul Pipettor
CAT: BP1000
Size: 1UNIT
DG: No

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100-1000ul Pipettor
CAT: BP1000
Size: 1UNIT
DG: No
Sterile: No
Stock: Usually in Stock

Product Description: 100-1000ul Pipettor: The BBI brand continuously adjustable pipette is an adjustable volume pipette with a nominal capacity ranging from 0.2μl ~ 1,000μl. It is a precision measuring pipette, utilizing a precision self-locking micro-counting mechanism which can be continuously adjusted within the volume range. The digital indication can be read directly and all parts are safe for high-temperature sterilization (121° C). The pipette is made of materials that are resistant to chemicals and corrosion. The pipette suction tip ejector system allows for quick and easy replacement of the pipette tip, making the suction process safe and reliable.

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